I posted who wanted to do and a interview and tagged Nevada in it,she said she would agree to do an interview this is mostly copied and pasted conversations from Instagram messaging. This is one of my first interviews and I really loved this interview with Nevada.

Me:How are you?

Nevada:I’m ok. Just got thru sketching & sewing some gloves.

Me:I see on your account that you do amazing nails? So do you sew clothes also? Sorry nails with a period not a question mark opps.

Nevada:lol it’s ok. I do sew clothing but mostly I do gloves/nail gloves & press on nails. I learned to sew when I was 5 years old so I’ve been at it for a while

I make all my money from selling my nails & nail gloves, & sometimes from being a part time assistant for my friend & sister Alaska.

Nevada is my drag name, but at this point I’m so used to being called Nevada that I just introduce myself as that lol. I started experimenting with drag when I was 16, before s5 of drag race even aired, but I’d been a fan of Alaska’s for a while, like back in the Trannyshack/MySpace days. When I started coming into my own & needed a name I just wanted to be a state to honor Alaska for inspiring me & Nevada just kinda fit. & that’s the beginning of how we actually became friends

Me:What advice would you give to me and other young drag fans.

Nevada:Don’t be afraid to fuck up. My mother was a seamstress so I knew how to sew from a very young age. Like every other trade, it’s not that easy to master. Just be patient. Same with makeup & finding your personal style & persona. I started off wanting to just be a clone of Alaska, but through years of work & growing, I realized that I am a separate person from her. You can be inspired by someone but don’t try to be a carbon copy because you are unique & that is beautiful.

I think what I’m most proud of this year is all of the accessories I made for Alaska’s dragcon day 1 look completely out of money. I went beyond what I normally do, I made her nail gloves out of $, the hydrangea/ flowers in her hair, her choker, Butterfly cuff earrings, & made her a ring out of an Alaska state quarter, & I also customized accessories for myself & Nick (we both did the winner’s walk with Alaska) I made a bra for myself out of $ & a tie & pocket square for Nick out of $

Me:Oh wow that’s amazing can you send few pictures of the looks you have done?(She sent me the ones I posted in the article)

Me:Woah so many pictures. I love the flower detail and the sequin nail gloves.

Nevada:Thank you. Legit no clue why they sent twice I blame my stupid phone lol

Me:Here’s some questions from Reddit users.
Esmineyofturin asks what’s your relationship with Alaska like and what’s your real name.

Snatchedgames ask if you have been to any good seances.

Death4birthday asks how your and Alaskas friendship turned into a collaboration,and plans for the future.

Nevada:1.Alaska (Justin) is my drag sister & my best friend. My real name is Elizabeth but I rarely even go by that anymore cos everyone calls me Nevada.
2.lol I haven’t been to any seances & I’d be terrified to cos I’m a sensitive & I don’t wanna be possessed by a demon.
3. A few years ago Lask told me that press on nails were ruining her natural nails. I saw a photo of her in gloves & got the idea to stitch the nails to the gloves to eliminate nail glue. She loved the idea & that was the start

Me:Stupid question are you from Nevada?

Nevada Lollllll nope & ive actually never been there. I’d love to live there tho. I hate the midsouth with a passion hah

Me:Lol I’m from Nevada and its was 117 degrees yesterday. Favorite food

Nevada:Omg I’m jealous!!! Umm… I like fruit. Im a vegetarian & I’m very picky. So maybe strawberries?

Me:I love strawberries! That and mangos are my favorite.Who’s weave would you snatch?

Nevada:Same I love mangos. lol I’d snatch Alaska’s weave cos I’ve taken mine off my head for her before in the past & karmas a biiiiitch

Me:What was your favorite drag race look?
This was from Reddit but I forgot who sent it but would you ever be on drag race?
What do you hope to do in the future?

Nevada:My absolute fav was probably Sharon Needles’s pantyhose/political debate episode look.
I would be open to being on drag race but I don’t see myself as being a winner. But I do have a plan for what I’d do if I was told to sashay away.
I hope to further my sewing career & move on to making gowns & outfits as well as nails & nail gloves.

Me:Thank you very much for taking time out of your day for this interview. Before this interview ends,do you have any last words.

Nevada:Ummmm…my last words are…the key to eternal happiness is anal prolapsation. Lol. Byeeeeee & thank you 💞