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This is Shakira from Queens,New York. She would like you to know about her story. From our conversations,Shakira seemed like a very considerate and intriguing human. I hope you enjoy this interview and follow me @episodesgirl and @shakirasimpson_ on Instagram.

Shakira:I grew up majority of my life in Hollis,Ny. Music has played a big part in my life. That’s a little fun fact about me. My father use to be a musician, and my grandfather use to be as well. So I guess you can say it’s a family thing. My mother on the other hand cannot stand it. She always wanted me to be a doctor or something. I went through a lot of bullying and that has changed me drastically as a person today. I don’t take sh*t from no one. Am called a bi*ch because of it. My own mother regrets not raising me to be one, cause I use to let people walk all over me and mentally manipulate me. Well today I changed it. And I’m proud of myself. Was too dependent on people too, let’s just say that I had a wake up call these past months.

Me:Wow thank you for sharing this. I think is something people can relate too. Being too dependent on other people,and doing what you want to do.

Me:Are you into music now? Play any instruments?

Shakira:Anytime girl, it’s a thing that a lot of people in their lives go through. I’m currently into music, and I play the piano, the drums, and the guitar.

Me:That’s pretty impressive. Would you want to continue playing music in the future?

Shakira:Thank you, and I will still continue as a hobby.

Me:What kind of music did your father and grandfather play? Where they professional musicians ? And does their music inspire you?

Shakira:My grandfather played as a hobby, my father played in a band in NY when he was around 13 or 14. My dad after a while became a Dj in the 70s. His inspiration was grandmaster flash and the furious five. They lived in the Bronx where if you know the show “The Get Down” it’s fairly similar to how these boys grew up in that time. My dad and my grandfather pushed me into music very young. And they were these kind of gurus. I haven’t heard their works though to be inspired.

Me:Wow that’s pretty amazing. I also see that have are wearing some cute clothes in your pictures,are you into fashion?

Shakira:Thank you and I’m into my own style really which is random. One day I feel like dressing lady like next day it’s baggy clothing. Accessories play a big part too with my fashion. If I feel like it’s something unique no other girl has it I’ll buy it. I’m the only girl in my school with a gigantic hamburger bag or a unicorn bag. I make sure to stand out a lot with my clothing.

Me:Where do you usually buy your clothes from? I specially loved the look with the red slit dress and makeup.

Shakira:I buy my clothes from H&M,old navy, thrift shops, and forever21 whatever is cheap is my secret
The red gown with the slit was designed and made by me, my mother helped me sew in the jewels at the top. She had used a sewing machine, velvet fabric,threads,and chalk to make the gorgeous gown. Costing $40 to replicate a $178 dress.

Me:What are your plans for the future?

Shakira:To become successful go to the airforce, become a coroner. Hopefully people won’t be mortified of me and my choice of my profession. But it’s what I’m interested in. Someone’s gotta do it after allx.

Me:I think that’s a great choice in profession. I support you.

Shakira:Thank you girly hey I got one on my team now lol. My mother is absolutely scared with my choice.

Me:How did you find my account? And why did you agree to an interview?

Shakira:I found your account through a mutual instgrammer, I agree to do this interview because I want to be out there on Instagram I feel like I’m a small time instagrammer.

Shakira:Thank you and I want to give a big big thank you for this interview I’m glad to share my life with you and your readers!